Living a stress-free life with yoga and meditation

Living A Stress-free Life With Yoga And Meditation

Stress, as per the dictionary definition, is a state of emotional tension resulting from demanding circumstances. We all are faced with stressful situations from time to time. Stress has become a common element of our lives. Stress means unpleasantness. Yet, it is seen that some people can cope with stress better than others.

The causes of stress can be anything from external causes like job issues, illness, relationship difficulties, financial obligations, etc to internal causes like emotional well being, negative thoughts, unrealistic expectations, rigid thinking, and the list is endless.

"It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it" Hans Selye

Yoga and meditation go hand in hand in relieving stress, and when practiced together, it strengthens the mind-body connection and improves physical and mental well being. So, here let's talk about a few of the benefits of yoga and meditation to live a stress-free life:


Meditation improves empathy and positive relationships. It makes us realize we all are one. It makes us less selfish. While meditating, one focus on positive thoughts, developing a sense of care towards all living beings, gratitude and all positive statement which helps us in developing a loving and positive attitude in general. It requires daily practice.


Diseases of both mind and body are referred to as psychosomatic. It means a physical disease made worse by mental factors. It covers diseases like high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, etc. With right meditation and yoga techniques, it is quite possible to recover from such diseases.


Depression is a feeling that makes us lose interest in life. It's a constant feeling of sadness while anxiety is a feeling of worry, impatience and uneasiness whereas fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, its something which does let us advance in life. All these feeling affect our immune system. With the help of regular yoga and meditation, these emotions can be balanced.


Yoga and meditation provide great energy. We all are made of energy. These 2 exercises combined connect you with the real source of universal energy. It is said that our 5 senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing like to travel in different directions. If we know how to control the mind, we are able to focus better on one thing at a time.


Meditation induces relaxation. When you dive deeper into your inner self, you start realizing who you are. It may sound superficial at surface level but it actually has that effect and can be experienced only by practicing yoga and meditation.


Satisfaction, true happiness, joy and calmness are the basic components of a peaceful mind. Finding inner peace is difficult for most people, yoga and meditation have this power to calm your mind.


Studies have shown that meditation releases endorphins in our body. Endorphins are natural pain killers our mind produces. They are our body's "feel good" chemicals. It makes the meditator feel calm, happy and content. Yoga and meditation control the feeling of stress and frustration.




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